Our training solutions are constantly evolving towards innovation and efficiency.

Beyond new technologies which enable us to improve the training process, our solutions are founded on a precised  methodologies : continuous learning

Continous learning

Continuous Learning

Most of the existing solutions focus on resources or the deployment of trainings on a given time (formal learning). After that ? Most of the time, nothing happens.

We learn differently and continuously :

  • interracting with others (social learning),
  • by ourselves doing research for instance (informal learning)
  • learn by working (experiential learning).

To be efficient, we think training needs to go beyond a static solution by adding these 4 dimension : formal, social, experiential and informal learning.

We create more effective and motivating learning experiences because they are continuous and connected to work situations.

Whether it’s a custom creation or the reuse of existing bricks, we assemble a variety of modalities and collaborative activities to multiply learning opportunities.

In concrete terms, what does a learning experience look like? If we put ourselves in the learner’ shoes, in order to develop skills in a sustainable way, we will have to go through different learning stages. For each of these stages, we’ll prepare a menu and/or offer them customisable dishes.
Let’s take an example, sales training and marketing teams for a new product launch. What could their learning experience look like?

Would you like to build your tailor-made learning experience with our consultants’ help ? We offer in-person and remote workshopsContact-us