Nowadays, with new learning structure and blended work environnement, how to redesign collaborative work and everybody’s growing skills?

Build a tailor-made experience together. With a facilitator approach and emerging ideas, we are questioning the problematic to offer the best answer.

Pratiques collaboratives

Tailor-made experience

According to your goals, Newton agence accompagny you by suggesting innovative modalities for :


The onboarding experience is a crucial step. An integrated co-worker is a performing, engaging, motivated and faithful one.

With our client, we design efficient and gamified onboarding experiences with participative and interactive activities, independant time and sharing time. Find out about our different format to enhance and optimise your training solutions.


Create a link to unite your team around a common project and improve discussion…All of these elements help creating an efficient collaboration. In a remote or blended work context :

  • How to create a link and make the discussion flow better
  • How to improve collaboration ?
  • How to rethink formats ?
Communicate / Collaborate

Nowadays, with new learning structure and blended work environnement, communication is no longer taking place at the coffee machine. Collaborative tools invaded our daily lives : Zoom, Teams, Klaxoon…

  • How to use tools to serve communication and collaboration ?
  • How to manage a remote team ?
  • How to give the right amount of information and insure good understanding ?
  • How to make communication flow better between entre and inter services ?
Engage & Motivate

Growing skills start by curiosity, motivation and involvement. Offering resources is a fiirst step but…

  • How to engage your co-coworker ?
  • How to keep him or she motivated ?
  • What are his or her motivational levers ?
  • And how to know if an engage and motivated co-worker is efficient ?

The endless improvement is part of our DNA. We like to think we are an innovative company to challenge the status quo and to stay competitive.

Why inovate and how ?


Intervention modalities

Newton Agence accompagnies you through the entire steps of your project :


  • Definition of objectives
  • Project framing : benchmarking and analysis of predicted results
  • Roadmap and specifications co-building


  • Creation of workshops
  • production of different modalities


  • co-animation of in-person, remote or blended workshops


  • Training for new tools
  • Training to new modalities
  • Creation of an animation guide