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Successful workshops for every team.

All of your teams can turn their meetings or trainings into efficient and participative workshops.

Klaxoon's use cases

Commercial development

Meetings with your clients, Organisation of your commercial teams to help them close or improve client’s experience.

Project management

Put into action your ideas, secure next steps and gather your team to further the project wherever your are.

Human ressources

Speed up the recruitment process and attract new talents with onboarding workshops and engaging trainings.


Promote collaborative and efficient IT. In-person or remote, quickly move forward with your team.

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Klaxoon : Customisable training


6 hours

Objective : Understand and be able to present Klaxoon.
Overview :
Exploration of Klaxoon's functionalities.
Simple creation :
Display of boards and sessions design.
Simple animation :
Presentation of Klaxoon's animation tools.

Daily use

12 hours

Objective: To be able to design Klaxoon modalities according to identified goals.
Basics reminder :
Exploration of Klaxoon's functionalities
Board :
Design and animate a board
Session :
Design and animate a meeting
Création :
Create and animate a tailor-made resource
Retropsective :
Retrospective of uses in a work situation

*Prerequisite : Benefit from a “Klaxoon Workshop Suite” license.


4 hours

Objective : Preparation to Klaxoon's certification
Coaching :
Indentify the modality to introduce it and help for the preparation
Training :
Certification's practise in situation

* Prerequisite : Must have followed Level 2 module

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